Revolutionize Your Security Procurement Process with RFP Automation

Streamline Your Security RFP (Request for Proposal) Process and Get Better Results with Our Automated Solution.
Standardized templates

Template management

The platform allows security teams to create and manage RFP response templates, ensuring consistency and accuracy in their responses. This feature ensures that all responses are consistent, professional, and meet the requirements of the RFP. Using pre-built templates saves time and effort, and teams can easily update them as needed.
Centralized platform

Questionnaire management

Autodit's questionnaire management feature provides a centralized repository for security questionnaires, making managing and responding to these requests easier. The platform includes a comprehensive library of common questionnaires and allows users to customize them according to their needs. The feature enables users to easily track and manage all requests received, ensuring that no requests are missed or delayed.
Bring your security teams together


The collaboration feature of Autodit allows security teams to work together on RFP responses in a secure and centralized environment. Team members can work simultaneously on the same document or template, reducing errors and ensuring consistency. The platform provides a secure and streamlined way to work collaboratively, ensuring that all team members are working on the latest version of the document.
Customisable reporting

Reporting and analytics

Autodit provides analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing security teams to track their RFP response performance and identify areas for improvement. The platform generates detailed reports on response times, win rates, and other critical metrics, allowing users to identify trends and patterns. With this feature, security teams can make data-driven decisions and optimize their response process.
Auto-fill responses

Automatic responses

Autodit's automatic responses feature automatically fills in responses by reading through the audit and evidence management platform. The feature eliminates the need for manual data entry and increases accuracy, ensuring that all responses are consistent and professional. Users can set up automatic responses based on specific criteria, saving time and reducing errors.
Integrates with other security tools and systems.


Autodit integrates with other security tools and systems, such as vulnerability scanners and compliance management systems, to streamline the RFP response process. Integration with other tools helps users respond more effectively to complex RFPs that require extensive data gathering and analysis. The feature saves time and effort by automatically gathering and compiling data from different sources.

Fast Track Compliance In Days

Whether you are an early stage startup or established organisation we willhelp you in compliance with our automated solution in process.
Fast Track Compliance In Days
Whether you are an early stage startup or established organization we will help you in compliance with our automated solution in process.