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Save time and effort by automating your information security compliance with Autodit's comprehensive suite of tools and solutions.
One standout platform to meet all your security and compliance need
Round the clock monitoring
It is incredibly simple to maintain compliance with Autodit. You always get a thorough view of your compliance status thanks to the Autodit continuous monitoring system. With comprehensive dashboards and notifications, you can see things in real time.
Booking audit and VAPT at your finger tips
With Autodit, you don't have to waste time looking for an auditor for your audits. Autodit is one platform for scheduling auditors, monitoring and managing your tools, people, and system.
Integrations to power compliance automation
Put compliance on fast track with round the clock compliance posture check with prebuilt integrations.
Autodit’s Vendor Management service provides businesses with a comprehensive evaluation of the risks associated with their third-party suppliers.
Using the Custom-built Large Language Model & AIML Automation, Autodit automates the process of responding to security RFPs, or requests for proposals. When you receive an RFP, you simply upload it to Autodit. Our platform then automatically analyzes the RFP using AI and matches it against your security controls, compliance requirements, & published policies.
Automate Compliance. Simplify Security.
Streamline Compliance with Autodit's Expert Guidance and Real-Time Monitoring.
Readily Available Frameworks
Using Autodit's proprietary control library, you can easily create a compliance program with multiple frameworks.
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Real Time Monitoring
Stay on top of upcoming audits by monitoring each stage of the audit in real-time with automated validations of evidence, upload agents, and controls, and knowing the readiness of all audits.
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Collaborative Workflows
Manage compliance effortlessly. Assign owners, policies, and custom controls to groups, and organize products into separate workspaces.
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Vendor Risk Analysis
Learn about your vendor risk by asking a few questions and monitoring the risk of all your vendors in one place.
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Streamline Compliance with Confidence
Simplify Policy, Manage Risk, and Audit with Ease
Policy Management
Manage & Assess Risk
Audit Management
Evidence Management
Autodit RFP Automation
Vendor Management
One-Tenth The Price Of An Office,Ten Times The Value
Here’s what our customers say
The evidence management feature is also a lifesaver, saving us time and preventing any potential criticism from our clients. Highly recommend Autodit!
CEO- Zertain
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Compared to the conventional method, we spend only 5% on manual work and 95% is automated for compliance. We follow the policies, saving time and keeping the team happy with the current process.
Praveen Gajjala
CEO & Founder, Facedapter
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Autodit has been a game-changer for our compliance program. With its customizable templates and user-friendly dashboards, creating and maintaining policies has never been easier.
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With Autodit, you can spend more time on the product without compromising on Infosec Compliance.

Krish Magapu
CEO, Brandope
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Autodit interacted with our team members and conveyed to us whatever details and specifications we need to follow. That was an insight for us. Just not for the sake of compliance.
Vaisakh TR
CEO, Prophaze
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Fast Track Compliance In Days
Whether you are an early stage startup or established organization we will help you in compliance with our automated solution in process.